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Course Requirements

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8-Hour California Department of Business Oversight SAFE Act Essentials

Instructions and General Information

(CE Online Self Study Course)

This course consists of 8 Study Hours, which are broken down into 8 distinct Units.

NMLS guidelines mandate that we monitor your activity so we can verify that you actually study this course for the 8 hours approved for this course. This tracking is accomplished by the continuity of your access to the study materials as well as time spent answering the Review Questions presented at the end of each Unit. If you do not spend the 8 hours of required time on the Units, then you will not be given access to the Course Final Examination.

You MUST spend the 8 hours studying this course that has been specified by the state for this course approval.

This is an online self-paced, continuing education course for mortgage loan originators and covering the SAFE Act. Specifically, this course includes three hours on federal law and regulations, two hours on ethics for MLOs, two hours on lending standards for nontraditional mortgage products, and a one-hour elective covering the California Mortgage Lending Laws.

The course is divided into four sections:

  • Module 1: Federal Mortgage Related Laws [3 units]
  • Module 2: Ethical Guidelines for Mortgage Loan Originators [2 units]
  • Module 3: Nontraditional Mortgage Products [2 units]
  • Module 4: Regulation by the California Department of Business Oversight [1 unit]

Course Requirements:

  • Require each agent to enroll for the course before having access to course material.
  • Prevent access to the course exam before review of the course materials.
  • Prevent downloading of any course exam.
  • Provide review questions at the end of each unit/chapter and prevent access to the final exam until each set of questions are answered at a 70 percent rate.
  • Provide final exam questions that do not duplicate unit/chapter questions.
  • Prevent alternately accessing course materials and course exams.

  • WE will present one (1) Unit at a time to you, letting you progress to subsequent Units as you complete each of the corresponding Inquiry Periods.
  • WE will provide Review Questions, aka Inquiry Periods at the end of each Unit.
  • WE will generate a different set of inquiries for the Unit, which may be repeated as necessary on a random or rotating basis if you do not achieve the 70% correct response rate necessary to complete the current Unit Inquiry.
  • WE will have a means to reasonably authenticate your identity on a periodic basis, including upon entering, during, and exiting the course study system.

Furthermore, the requirements are that:
  • YOU must answer 70% of the inquiry questions correctly for each Inquiry Period to demonstrate mastery of the current Unit before you are allowed by the program to proceed to the next Unit or complete the course.
  • Course Syllabus and Course Instructions

Rules of Conduct for NMLS Approved Pre-Licensure (PE) and
Continuing Education (CE) Courses

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act), requires that state-licensed MLOs complete pre-licensing (PE) and continuing education (CE) courses as a condition to be licensed. The SAFE Act also requires that all education completed as a condition for state licensure be NMLS approved. Since 2009 NMLS has established course design, approval, and delivery standards which NMLS approved course providers are required to meet. To further ensure students meet the education requirements of the SAFE Act, NMLS has established a Rules of Conduct (ROC). The ROC, which have been approved by the NMLS Mortgage Testing & Education Board, and the NMLS Policy Committee, both of which are comprised of state regulators, are intended to stress that NMLS approved education be delivered and completed with integrity.

Rules of Conduct

As an individual completing either pre-licensure education (PE) or continuing education (CE), I agree to abide by the following rules of conduct:

  1. I attest that I am the person who I say I am and that all my course registration information is accurate.
  2. I acknowledge that I will be required to show a current government issued form of identification prior to, and during the course, and/or be required to answer questions that are intended to verify/validate my identity prior to, and during the course.
  3. I understand that the SAFE Act and state laws require me to spend a specific amount of time in specific subject areas. Accordingly, I will not attempt to circumvent the requirements of any NMLS approved course.
  4. I will not divulge my login ID or password or other login credential(s) to another individual for any online course.
  5. I will not seek or attempt to seek outside assistance to complete the course.
  6. I will not give or attempt to give assistance to any person who is registered to take an NMLS approved pre-licensure or continuing education course.
  7. I will not engage in any conduct that creates a disturbance or interferes with the administration of the course or other studentsí learning.
  8. I will not engage in any conduct that would be contrary to good character or reputation, or engage in any behavior that would cause the public to believe that I would not operate in the mortgage loan business lawfully, honestly or fairly.
  9. I will not engage in any conduct that is dishonest, fraudulent, or would adversely impact the integrity of the course(s) I am completing and the conditions for which I am seeking licensure or renewal of licensure.

I understand that NMLS approved course providers are not authorized by NMLS to grant exceptions to these rules and that I alone am responsible for my conduct under these rules. I also understand that these rules are in addition to whatever applicable rules my course provider may have.

I understand that the course provider or others may report any alleged violations to NMLS and that NMLS may conduct an investigation into alleged violations and that it may report alleged violations to the state(s) in which I am seeking licensure or maintain licenses, or to other states.

I further understand that the results of any investigation into my alleged violation(s) may subject me to disciplinary actions by the state(s) or the State Regulatory Registry (SRR), including removal of any course from my NMLS record, and/or denial or revocation of my license(s).

To assist in maintaining the integrity of the mortgage education program as required by the SAFE Act, NMLS now requires all students taking online continuing education courses to create a unique password using BioSig-IDô. Before beginning the CE course, you must click the button below to establish your BioSig-IDô. Click the video below to see a short demonstration of how to set up your BioSig-IDô. After you review the video, click the BioSig-IDô Set-Up button at the bottom of this page to create your BioSig-IDô verification password.

Watch the process explained visually in the following video

Optionally view the BioSig-IDô enrollment video in a new tab.

Questions/Problems? Use the Student Authentication Support Site

By entering your user ID and Password below you Acknowledge Your Understanding and Agreement to the Above Course Information.
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